PNEUMOWAVE – System Components

The PNEUMOWAVE System may not be available in your country. Please email if you would like additional details

  • PneumoWave BIOSENSOR Image

    PneumoWave BIOSENSOR

    • Small, discreet, chest-worn biosensor

    • Continuous, real-time, cost-effective data capture

    • Suitable for use in hospital or at home

    • Respiratory data transmitted to the cloud via PneumoWave Patient Gateway

  • PneumoWave CLOUD Image

    PneumoWave CLOUD

    • Scalable Digital Therapeutic cloud platform

    • Real-time data analysis with emergency event detection

    • Machine Learning biomarker detection leading to prediction and prevention of respiratory adverse events

  • PneumoWave GATEWAY Image

    PneumoWave GATEWAY

    • Custom data gateway designed for patient monitoring

    • BTLE data capture from biosensor

    • Medical device grade alarming system

    • Suitable for home or hospital use

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