• Our Story

    PneumoWave was founded in 2018 by Bruce Henderson and Jonathan Guthrie and initially named Altair Medical.

    The mission was to develop sensor and data analysis technology to address high-impact, global healthcare problems caused by the adverse effects of respiratory illness.

    Now a team of healthcare, engineering and artificial intelligence experts are developing the critical components of the technology, prior to regulatory clearance as a Class 2 Medical Device.

    PneumoWave™ incorporates an advanced sensor, AI technology and real-time event detection and alert technologies. The technology and underlying data algorithms continue to be refined and it has numerous applications across a range of respiratory conditions.

    In 2020 PneumoWave™ was awarded FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) Breakthrough Medical Device designation and later that year clinical trials began in UK NHS hospitals.

    2021 saw the raising of significant capital investment to further validate the technology for global roll-out.

The Team

  • Alex Adam Image

    Alex Adam

    Pharmacist Director
  • Hannah Gibson Image

    Hannah Gibson

    Biomedical Engineer
  • Jonathan Guthrie Image

    Jonathan Guthrie

  • Nate Gyurke Image

    Nate Gyurke

    VP Business Development US
  • Bruce Henderson Image

    Bruce Henderson

  • Rakesh Lal Image

    Rakesh Lal

    Regulatory Consultant
  • Colin McNicol Image

    Colin McNicol

    Software Engineer
  • Dr Osian Meredith Image

    Dr Osian Meredith

    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Juan Montero Image

    Juan Montero

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Sambit Paul Image

    Sambit Paul

    Senior Data Scientist/AI developer
  • Vinay Pisharody Image

    Vinay Pisharody

    Senior Data Scientist/AI developer
  • Jack Smith Image

    Jack Smith

    Software Engineer
  • Stewart Taylor  Image

    Stewart Taylor 

    Business Analyst
  • Chris Trueman Image

    Chris Trueman

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Chris Wardhaugh  Image

    Chris Wardhaugh

    Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Stewart White  Image

    Dr Stewart White

    Non-Executive Director

Our Partners

Successful collaborations with commercial, clinical and technology partners.

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